Custody battle of parents with the children victim

Nurturing parenthood is not a woman’s monopoly, let alone ability and responsibility. Men too are capable of nurturing parenthood.
Child custody should be determined by who is the better parent rather than it going by default to the mother – hence, it’s important that each case is dealt individually rather than what has been the norm.
Of course, shared custody and visitation are an attempt to a balanced parenthood but nurturing childcare isn’t exactly a woman’s domain. Ultimately, it’s what’s best for the child – both parents should be on the same page when it comes to their child. Also, never demonise the other parent to the child (this goes to the child’s grandparents too). No child should grow up hating his/her parents. Children should not become victims to adults’ acrimony.
~Assault Ambujam~ #OnlyAtKK

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